Drupal Views exposed filter of Node title as drop down.

It can be done through using "Jump menu" settings in views.

  1. Download the Ctools module http://drupal.org/project/ctools Enable the Chaos Tools Module. This module provides a Views Style Plugin called "Jump Menu"
  2. Create a view of type node with two fields Content:nid and Cotent:title. And the path of the views page is like 'my_node_list'. For the Content:nid make sure you click on Rewrite the output of the field. The rewritten output of the field should be my_node_list/[nid].Make sure you select the exclude from display checkbox.
  3. In the settings for Style in the view, select the Jump Menu style. Click on the settings for the style. Make sure the Path dropdown has 'Content:nid' choosen.
  4. Add a block display to the view. Name the block "Node details" and put the contextual filter to filter with nid.
  5. Save the view
  6. Go to block configuration under structure and configure the above block (Node details). Put the viewing restriction of the block to the the page 'my_node_list'. 


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