How to enable Drupal Clean Url in a Goddady Server? [Drupal clean url is not working Godaddy server]

Well, this an idle problem when you porting a website from other server or local server to Godaddy. Here are the solution for that,

  1) Please make sure that there is .htaccess file is there in you website root directory.

  2) If not there .htaccess file, please copy and paste .htaccess file from your old web site root.Or you want a fresh .htacess, you can copy that from a fresh download  drupal web root. Please give necessary permission for a while.

  3) Now logged in Administrative role user,
     And navigate to the path "" instead of the path "",
     No you will get the checkbox option "Enable Clean URL" , so tick that checkbox and Save the configuration.

  It the above option started working, Please do not forget to change the .htaccess file permission back to 644.

If the above options are not working, Please edit your .htaccess file on your webroot and add the following line

   "RewriteBase /"

  before the  "RewriteCond" line


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