Views exposed taxonomy exposed filter show "Content Taxonomy Tree" or "Taxonomy Term Reference Tree Widget" structure

Well Recently I came across the situation that the View exposed taxonomy field should show like "Content Taxonomy Tree" or "Taxonomy Term Reference Tree Widget . It took quite sometime to figure out what to do. When i Figured it out i decide to write a little bit about it. Following steps will help you to achieve this. 

1) You need install the module Taxonomy Term Reference Tree Widget 

2) You should have the view with taxonomy field field as exposed.

3) Copy and paste the following code on your custom module. 

4) You should change the 

      YOUR_MODULE_NAME  to your custom module name 

     your-toxonomy-field to your exposed taxonomy field

     '#vocabulary' => taxonomy_vocabulary_load(3),  Instead '3' you should keep your vocabulary  ID.


  1. Is this for d7 or d8? Is there a d8 version - I'd love to get this working on my site. having trouble signing up, but my email is

  2. sorry - also is vocabulary ID the taxonomy vocabulary machine name?


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